November 18, 2018

Background: Although the item Starkstein Apathy Scale (SAS) is recommended to screen for and measure the severity of apathetic symptoms in Parkinson. Although the item Starkstein Apathy Scale (SAS) is recommended to screen for and measure the severity of apathetic symptoms in Parkinson disease (PD). Items 9 – 14 breviated version of the AES, known as the Apathy Scale. Copyright © SciRes. .. [6] Starkstein, S.E. and Leentjens, A.F.G. () The noso-.

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In conclusion, apathy in Alzheimer’s disease is associated with older age, more severe deficits in activities of daily living, and a faster progression of cognitive and functional impairments.

They suggest that apathy may result from a faulty elaboration of “plans of action” and from the disruption of “activating thoughts” in the initiation of motor programs, which are both psychological concepts. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.


Assessing psychopathology in dementia patients. A recent double blind, placebo controlled study evaluated the effects of sttarkstein on diverse cognitive functions in a group of 24 patients who had moderate to severe head injuries Whyte et al.

Depression and apathy were diagnosed using well known validated measures which are an important strength of our study, whereas presence and similar characteristics of apathy in a large group of depressed and non-depressed general-based older persons were investigated.

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Cereb Cortex in press. Brain Inj Jan; 13 1: Apathy following cerebrovascular lesions.

Starkstein Apathy Scale (SAS)

Neuroanatomical correlates of apathy in late-life depression and antidepressant treatment response. Disorders of diminished motivation.

Apathy is most frequently associated with depression and severe dementia.

About two thirds of the AD patients with apathy were also depressed either major or minor depression. One of these circuits originates in the anterior cingulate cortex, connects with the ventral globus pallidus and the dorsomedial thalamus, and projects back to the anterior cingulate.

Presence and correlates of apathy in non-demented depressed and non-depressed older persons

Furthermore, our population was relatively young and, therefore, our results cannot be generalized to older old people. Selegiline in the management of apathy following traumatic brain apatht.

Apathy was assessed with the Apathy Scale and diagnosed using the diagnostic criteria shown in Table I. This assessment includes a specific module to measure apathy, which consists of 8 items that are rated as present or absent. The authors suggested that testosterone replacement therapy may constitute a helpful treatment of apathy for these patients.

Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification with used daydoses. Based on this diagnostic scheme, 46 of the patients with Alzheimer’s disease had apathy. Furthermore, Starkkstein scores were significantly higher and walking speed slower strkstein depressed older persons with apathy, compared to those without apathy.

Finally, we also found that patients with apathy at baseline or those that developed apathy during the follow-up period had a faster cognitive and functional decline than patients with no apathy at baseline or at follow-up.

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Apathy is not depression. Apaathy criteria for apathy in clinical practice. Apathy is not depression. A study on the accuracy of patients’ self-reports and on determinants of inaccuracy.

Nonetheless, the etiology of apathy and depression may be different. Since values of CRP, IL6 and walking speed showed a skewed distribution, these were log e -transformed.

Apathy was assessed with the Apathy Scale used as a self-report questionnaire 23, Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor use associates with apathy among depressed elderly: Supplemental Content Full text links. Independent correlates for apathy among depressed older persons were male gender, less education, and higher IDS scores.

Thirteen of these 29 patients also had major depression, 5 patients had minor depression, and 11 patients were not depressed. Habib speculated that this cingulate circuit may mediate “the process of converting motivation into action”, and that apathy may result from the bilateral disruption at different levels of this circuit or from lesions in limbic areas outside the striato-pallidal complex. Int J Geriatr Psychiatry ; 17 A systematic review with meta-analyses and qualitative analyses.

Furthermore, patients with dementia and apathy have a significantly faster cognitive and apzthy decline than demented individuals without apathy.

Statistical analyses were performed with SPSS