November 26, 2018

Roger’s Profanisaurus is a humorous book published in the United Kingdom by Dennis publication from the popular British adult comic Viz and features one of the comic’s characters, the foul-mouthed Roger Mellie “the Man on the Telly”. The ultimate in schoolboy humor, this is the book for anyone who truly loves Viz humor! Roger Mellie presents a new edition of his classic dictionary of swearing. Roger’s Profanisaurus: “Word Of The Day”. likes · 7 talking about this. The Ultimate Enyclopaedia of Bad Language!.

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The time now profanisaufus Posh word for fart. Remember to share the love by inviting friends to this page, have a good one guys!! Imaginary leg splints with the aid of which wankered qv stragglers making their way home from the pub at closing time.

To vomit; call Huey; puke; bowk.

Popular hit by sixties guitar combo The Shadows. To shove your cock up same. Licking the rim qv. Mexican variation on the brown hat. That inedible cheese qv matured in the narrow passage leading to Cadbury alley qv. Jockspeak for nads; knackers; plums. One who scoffs hairy pie qvusually a female. Originally a euphemism for buttered bun qv. Spectra Logic’s tape library now twice the beast it was Master of Arris: More from The Register. Cable laying or crop spraying? David Stubbs wrote that Profanisaurus “represents what you might call the maximalist tendency in obscenity”.


Intel teases core Xeon. See also shithouse door in the wind; kangaroo shagging a space hopper, singer. All times are GMT. Flashing orange globe on a black and white pole, named after the British Transport Min-ister in Curly bearded seafarer with a shiny, bald, purple head who trawls in cod cove qv and spits a lot.

Fart; air dump; tree monkey. If you want to see a daily post from this page this is how we’re going to work it.

Roger’s Profanisaurus – Viz

Heterosexual The ritual dance which accompanies a game of hide the salami qv when playing canine rules. Docker invites elderly Windows Server apps to spend remaining days in supervised care Windows 10 Pro goes Home as Microsoft fires up downgrade server UK rail lines blocked by unexpected Windows dialog box Premiere Pro bug ate my videos!

Erection; bone; stalk; stiffy. One who discreetly manoeuvres their buttocks on a chair in roher to minimise brap qv and thereby silence a fart. Breasts; tits; pink passion blancmanges. Fisherman who sails his profanissaurus boat qv up the cocoa canal. As opposed to crop spraying qv. Did you spear the bearded clam? Still useful nowadays, as in: What makes Ansible unique from other management doger, is that it is also a deployment and orchestration tool.


Pornographic magazine; rhythm mag; art pamphlet. Parking tigers; to vomit; puke; sing a rainbow. To ignore the pink and the brown, and shove the cue straight into the top corner pocket; armpit sex. A regrettable situation of immense idiocy.

Roger’s Profanisaurus

Sweat secreted in the biffin bridge qv area during coitus. Condom; French safe; French letter; rubber Johnny. Intoxicated; shit-faced; rat-arsed; blotto; having partaken in an excess of wallop qv. The fartees, as opposed to the farter. Polite term for knacker discomfort; sweaty bollocks. No, I can’t believe it. See also Gloy, glue gun. Bollocks which are fit to burst through lack of use. Doctor-speak for the council gritter qv.

US To have sex; shag. See pop her cherry. Bowling from both ends, as opposed to the Pavilion end. US Brass eye; ring; balloon knot. Lesbian; bean flicker; tuppence licker; carpet muncher. New Sun Public Figure.

Rogers Profanisaurus Archives – Viz

To noisily expel a loose stool; crop spray qv. A shared round of hand shandies qv. Also Gary Glitterapple fritter.

Unusual or noteworthy stool which you feel an urge to show to someone before you flush.