November 24, 2018

Features. Product Summary: This is an Endowment Assurance plan where the proposer has simply to choose the amount and mode of premium payment. Buy Life Insurance Plans and Policies from lic of india Avail tax benefits with Home» Products» Withdrawn Plans» Jeevan Saral» Benefit Illustration returns then these will be clearly marked “guaranteed” in the illustration table on this. 7 Jan Premium and Benefit Calculator for LIC Jeevan Saral is a powerful tool to understand all the benefits of the plan in a simple and comprehensive.

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Surrendering a policy in between is not advisable due to several reasons. Reply Surrender value of you policy can be obtained from your nearest branch office. Also please let me know if it is good to continue with this policy?

You can look at the benefits and compare it will other options available and take a decision by chary own.

LIC Jeevan Saral Chart Plan 165

Also after reviewing your pages, I get to know investing in Equity and PPF will be more helpful for future needs. Any inputs or thoughts? I have just completed 5 years of jeevan saral policy. For me no differentiation of gender. One is called Basic Premium and another is called Net Premium.

LIC Jeevan Saral – Compare Features, Benefits & Details

Surya-1 It will not affect your return part. Usually the Basic MSA was disclosed by LIC, rest of the calculation will be done based on your basic yearly premium, term and age of proposer. Better chwrt discontinue once 5 years completion. But if the same quaries started to repeat then I requested readers to follow the earlier comments.

So how I am getting such a low amount which is approx. Loyalty Addition on surrender I know this is not yet declared.


Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. What should I do with the policy? Otherwise any loyalty addition or bonus will be considered to paid only post completing the overall term of the policy?

Some of them are monthy,quartely and half yearly plan. Could you advise how much I will get as Lic says I will get rs.

Then decide whether it is worth to continue or stop. The death benefit is directly related to the premiums paid. I am going to surrender this policy.

What will be the Special Surrender Value if I surrender the policy after paying full premium for 27 years? What will happen if? We are indian and believe on everybody very easily. Shakti-You refer above post and below comments. Yes you can do it by simple application. I had asked the advisor to drew for 10 years but he drew for 21 years saying you can stop it whenever you want after 10 years. Now I want to surrender this policy.

LIC India | Jeevan Saral | Jeevan Anand: LIC Jeevan Saral (Table No. )

How do you consider this policy. HoweverI wish to point out that I had purchase the same policy for my wife, but the duration is 15 years i. I have been paying a yearly premium of Rs. Ravi P 13 January at Till today I have paid 4 instalments.

A lump sum amount is paid to the family of the policyholder as long as the policy term continues, which includes times the premium paid on a monthly basis along with loyalty additions, whereas the premium return excludes the first year payments and rider premium.

Kindly advise, I took Jeevan saral policy plan in jeevann the age of 28 yrs. Yes risk is there in equity market.

So just you need to select your age and policy term then multiply that to your Basic Premium. You will get an idea. Should I wait for Loyalty Additions ,is it a good amount to wait for?


LIC Jeevan Saral (Plan No: 165) Maturity Calculator

I think the LA will be not given as it is applicable only after 10 years. I somewhat understood your above table and was able to calculate my returns after 3 years,5 years,10 years as follows: Furia Bhavesh 21 January at Remember that the remaining sum Assured will get reduced after doing the partial withdrawal. I guess its very less compared licc the above stats. I found that they have already charged 30K interest for 6 months on loan amount of 2,85, which is very disappointing.

Rajesh-Yes policy term means no.

So if someone continue for 11 years then he will get the LA for last one year not for whole 11 years!! My Sum Assured was 12,62, As benefits of the policy, some returns are guaranteed while others are variable, based on the performance of the policy going forward.

Can you tell me how much would I get if I continue for next 5 years, which is ten years in total please. I received Rs 36, lower then my premiums paid during 5 years of tenure. I entered it at the age of 25 years in July They claim that they are certified Financial Planners but actually they are misguiding you.

You will get my answer. I will be taking your advise as the final call for this policy as I dont wont to linger on with this policy as I have already invested 1.