November 30, 2018

20 Jul From Confessions: Memoirs of a Modern Seer by Cheiro. The name of ‘Cheiro’ instantly brings to the mind, knowledge and art of ‘Palmistry’. 15 May Everyone knows that “the face can wear a mask,” that a person may be a good actor and put on a certain expression that may deceive even the.

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Cheiro – Wikipedia

Number 13 — Transition. During my twenty-five years’ professional experience in England, America, and other countries, I have carefully noted down the questions that are not answered in books published on this subject. A contract was immediately drawn, signed and notarized. When I meet a professional palmist, one of the few questions I ask him are about his favorite book on Palmistry which has helped him the most.

No real fire took place. The way she ran away from her first marriage and actively pursued Cheiro for 18 years speaks volume about her energy and doggedness. When found crossing the hand, and touching or throwing branches across to the Line of Life, it foretells that there is some illness at work which is undermining the health.

It brings in a hefty amount. When, with the same indication, the line is also sloping slightly downwards, the sensitiveness is still more increased. As regards illustrations, I have endeavoured to make these of the simplest and clearest kind possible. He told that he had periods of time when he did not know where he spent his time. Nothing is known about his early years except that when he arrived in Chicago in the yearhe had a diploma from a German institute for the practice of Medicine.

This temporary poverty time compelled his family to call back their son. His flair for romanticizing and storytelling clouds what might have been the truth. As his other books on Palmistry are. This number symbolises vision, and seeing that vision through to the end.

Medical science has proved that there is such a thing as a “thumb centre” in the brain and any pressure or disease in that part of the brain shows its effect in the thumb. You can take this concept as far as you wish. In JuneSir William Standish names concealed by Cheiroa noted philanthropist, sent a note to Cheiro expressing his desire to meet him for a palmistry session.


The thumb is in itself more expressive of character than any other member of the hand. An island, when found on a woman’s hand connecting the Fate Line with the Mount of Venus, is an almost certain indication of her seduction 5, Plate XIV. For one and a half year, he kept himself busy in amassing Hand Prints for his own study.

This quality is not found with those who possess the long, slender, very artistic-shaped hand, who depend more on their emotional temperament than on scientific study for their foundation. It was a happy journey, but like all good things it ended at the port of Mumbai Bombay, India.

Not striking with force but using poison.

In order to satisfy Pope, he took the case of St. There was nothing further to detain Cheiro.

On a man’s left hand that has the forked ending with the upper end straight, or nearly so, kwro student can state that the mother was the more practical of the parents. I explained him the general meaning of double lines of head and looked inquiringly at him. This site uses cookies. Krro but not over weight, curvaceous, Black hair, olive complexion, vain, witty, intelligent, originator of striptease dance, pretended female spy and a sting in her voice. They love to read or write books on the subject of the “sex problem,” but they are not inclined to put their theories and ideas into practice, at least with their own lives.

The good and bad events would happen on those particular years. We also find that Hispanus discovered on an altar dedicated to Hermes a book on Cheiromancy, written in gold letters, which he sent as a present to Alexander the Great, as “a study worthy of the attention of an elevated and enquiring mind. Mount of Venus and Mars positive are contained in the ball of thumb and are separated from the rest of hand by the line of life.


It is, therefore, reasonable to suppose that their conclusions are more likely to be correct than those of an age like our palmisttry chiefly for its implements of destruction, its warships, its dynamite, and its cannon. A poor or non-developed Line of Head in the right hand of any man or woman is also the indication of a lack of purpose or ambition—there being no ambition where a want of mental desire and development is so distinctly shown.

The hand print of Lord Kitchener, has been reproduced which sheds light on his complex personality. At that time, one needed a concession to start business in Russia. When ending or broken at the “island” the child will never grow up. If many of these islands are marked it generally foreshadows a still greater tendency kefo blindness and weakness of the sight. King Humbert of Italy Source: They are likewise so easily wounded in their feelings, that even a look or an imagined slight will put them out of humour or upset them for days.

Cheiro, a mysterious Palmist

One noon, he visited our house and met me. It is more related to keto ability to be in contact with the 4 th dimensional world. King Leopold II was not aware, that the person he admired most was in fact an occultist. There was more dismal news awaiting him in UK. The matters were arranged in such a manner that Cheiro was required to observe the lines of an anonymous gentleman sitting behind the curtain and was told to be candid about whatever he saw.