January 11, 2019

Bass Transcriptions and More by bassist Dave Fink Transcriptions. Darling Dear · The House On Website. bio/. TRANSCRIPTION OF JAMES JAMERSON’S BASSLINE TO. “YOU’RE MY EVERYTHING” by THE TEMPATIONS by PAUL WOLFE -to-play-bass. com. 9 Aug Welcome to this collection of James Jamerson transcriptions. There’s also some bonus Motown transcriptions.

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I am so thrilled! While not thought of as a bassist in the traditional sense, Stevie was nonetheless transscriptions true Motown Bass pioneer in the early seventies and helped popularize the use of the newly emerging synthesizer for recording bass parts.


Don’t mistake my enthusiasm for being naive – if you read my site you’ll see I am as critical of this city and the things going wrong here as anybody is. Jamerson made me without knowing at that time pick up the bass and make music throughout my life.

One of my fondest memories is relaxing on the beach in the Bahamas with Martha and listening to her tell a few great Motown stories, as only she could tell them. Canceled check xeroxes from Ed Sullivan, the Tonight Show – all sorts of things. Brick House Ron LaPread That’s why they are in this specific collection. I knew he was an outstanding bassist but hadn’t ever heard him isolated like this!

We had been in the building a number of times and found interesting things, but the last time through I made an effort to dig through the piles of shit they left in there.

What a gift – thank you so much for letting me listen. Go buy it today.

Bass Players – James Jamerson

When I asked Randy if I could reprint his story on my site, he asked that I include the following info: You had enough for the group and the lead. An invaluable resource for those seeking the ‘answer’ to some of Jamerson’s classics!


The sound I love most, apart from James J. Mercy Mercy Me Bob Babbitt 9. Marvin was the producer, so most of the notes are in his handwriting.

Bass Players – James Jamerson

Amazing, the power of the Internet. Was he using the foam under the strings? Very cool vid to listen to! I had no intention of eBaying this stuff, no intention of wanting to ‘own’ such things either. I wanted the documents to stay in Detroit, and personally I believe they are a very important part of African American history, aside from music and Detroit history.

The tone is amazing, a little dirty too,which I basss noticed before, wow. May you find some small or large thing that is equally good for you in the days to come! I have no doubt reasonable former bass-playing people in the record industry can be open minded enough to see the good in all of this and realize that hearing Motown bass this way is our version of “the bottom line”.

I can hear every last articulation! You’ll see that I am never mentioned as they were donated anonymously. Or Good Times in E. The part that mentions ‘Motown Recording Company’ is my donation. So in fairness, I’ve password-protected the page until licensing details are worked out, assuming that the option stays on the table. To read a rare Jamerson interview, click this link: So I ended up donating it all anonymously to the Burton Collection in the Detroit Public Library where they have the finances to protect, defend and preserve the documents.

I was ecstatic to see the James Jamerson isolated tracks on your page. On occasion I’ll transcriptionw some of the comments transcriphions.

These tracks are a revelation. You have such a generous spirit to make these basslines available in this format. Then start here and learn more about my Bass lessons. James Jamerson was described by Motown founder Berry Gordy as “a genius on the bass My Motown Bass audio files are now password protected. Of course, Marvin was the producer, so most of the notes are in his handwriting.


Thank you so much! These guys are all my heroes, so it’s very moving to listen to the tone, the distortion, the technique More worth than any book ever published. Here are some comments I’ve gotten about my isolated Motown tracks.

The images can be viewed in these three Motown Docs pdf files. A sk any good bassist who their influences are, and surely the legendary James Jamerson will be somewhere near the top of their list.

Here’s tarnscriptions of the documents – a few are quite large so you can read them. Studio B was mostly for orchestral overdubs. Iconic tune, great bassline. You can read more here: Not insignificantly, the “Brick House” bass line is another treasure.

Never thought I’d listen to these basslines this way!

Bass Transcription: James Jamerson on “Bernadette” — Dave Speranza

If you ever go to a jam or a rehearsal no-one will ever — EVER! What a nice tribute and a fine web presence. I got chills down my spine the first time I saw ‘James Jamerson’ and ‘Eddie Bongo’ and the rest of the Funks written out in Smokey’s handwriting, or in Marvin’s.

Happy ending, stressful story – one I gass proud of though.