BQ2040 PDF

November 19, 2018

Texas Instruments BQ PMIC – Battery Management parts available at DigiKey. Texas Instruments BQ Battery Management are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for Texas Instruments . Texas Instruments BQ Explore Texas Instruments on Octopart: the fastest source for datasheets, pricing, specs and availability.

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B2q040 3 illustrates the current-sensing error as a func. There are two very basic programs that should allow you to read the contents of the BQ’s registers and to reset the IC. Supports SBS charge control. C above or below 25? Specifically I’d have a problem debugging the I2C communications between the battery and the notebook with b2q040 my bare hands and some very basic homebrew electronics equipment. A battery data listing and reset might as well be a piece of cake. Provides overvoltage status from the Li-Ion.

SB pin V SB should never exceed 2. When the AtRate value is negative, the. In that case, it’s not quite surprising if the batteries behave after sometime in such a way that the notebook shuts down hard when the gas gauge bq20040 shows over 50 per cent. Typical settings for 1?

V SRD is a programmable threshold as de. The bq measures the voltage differential bq The voltage at the. The battery’s empty state is also programmed in the. A few specific desktop and server chipsets are known not to work.


The battery voltage is monitored for the end-of. By the mechanical finish, the battery refurbishment company I’ve chosen has done a great job – and they’ve enclosed a neat measurement protocol, certifying perfect condition and capacity. RM counts up during charge to a maximum value of. The system may alter.

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Some values are slightly more cryptic: This pin goes straight to the positive terminal of the first cell. This method allows battery character. The i2c “interface” is using the parallel port hardware in a somewhat non-standard way, potentially harmful to the hardware. The BQ also mentions that, in order to achieve maximum precision, it is possible to fine-tune callibrate the initial values stored in the serial flash.

The principal I2C communication and probably even the register set should be fairly similar. When the bq detects an overcurrent condition, the. On initialization application of V CC or reset. There’s also a newer 4,5 Ah model in the same format, and a Li-Ion battery 3.

The DISP pin must be returned to float or. This can be arranged using the parallel printer port – all you need is a male 25pin Canon connector D-SUB25Ma piece of cable or thin conductors three strands and a few pieces of brass of whatever origin, that can serve as makeshift blade contacts against the female battery connector.


Next, we need to solve how to connect the battery to a computer via I2C. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a “battery formatting util” on the web or from friends as I have found out later, it wouldn’t help me anyway – see the technical description below.

With the REF output and an exter. EDV monitoring may be disabled under certain condi.

BQ2040 PDF

The hold-off time is. You’d better download the datasheet anyway – you’ll need it to interpret data read from the battery, if you decide to try that. The bq displays the bq200.

Last but not least, we need to talk to the battery. RM is set to 0 when the battery. The I2C flash could be accessed on the PCB using conductors with some sorta in-circuit vq2040 – this way the gas gauge circuit can be callibrated. The updated FCC equals the.

On notebook batteries controlled by the BQ and BQ (and maybe others)

When the bq detects an. Both the batteries, the new one and the refurbished one, are complaining that they’re not being fully discharged – thus, the remaining capacity cannot be properly derived. By admin October 11, Leave a comment.