• Why JavaScript is Eating HTML
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    Why JavaScript is Eating HTML

    Web development is always changing. One trend in particular has become very popular lately, and it fundamentally goes against the conventional wisdom about how a web page should be made. It is exciting for some but frustrating for others, and the reasons for both are difficult to explain. A web page is traditionally made up of three separate parts with separate responsibilities: HTML code defines the structure and meaning of the content on a page, CSS code defines its appearance, and JavaScript code defines its behavior. On teams with dedicated designers, HTML/CSS developers and JavaScript developers, this separation of concerns aligns nicely with job roles: Designers determine the visuals and…

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    How to Find The Best Web Designing Company in India

    Owning a website for any organization or business is one of the crucial requirement as their business needs attention from its users and let the audience know about their products or services. Developing or designing a website is a bit tricky task since it requires a lot of planning and execution of various stages to make it done. If you are running an organization or business and looking for the best web designing company India then this article will help you understand how you can choose the best company for web designing. To know more kindly continue reading the following below: Since there are hundreds of companies present in the…

  • Word Resume Template
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    10 Best Free Fitness & Gym Flyer Templates

    Whether you want to promote a new fitness class or gym session, you’re going to need the proper tools to get the word out. One of the tried and true methods of doing this is by passing out flyers. But if you lack design skills or time, putting together a gym flyer or fitness flyer can feel daunting. It’s precisely for those folks we’ve put together this little collection of free fitness and gym flyer templates. All of the templates listed here would work great for promoting any type of fitness-related activity, gym, or event. Because honestly, why stress when you don’t have to? Each of the following templates are…

  • What SSL Is, and Which Certificate Type is Right for You
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    What SSL Is, and Which Certificate Type is Right for You

    This article was created in partnership with GoGetSSL. Thank you for supporting the partners who make SitePoint possible. Over the last decade, the rate of cyber crime has risen sharply. Already, many reputable business organizations and government agencies that haven’t implemented sufficient online security have been caught with their pants down. Google has started taking a strong stand against websites that don’t use HTTPS. Website visitors will be notified if they’re about to submit any information over an unsecured connection. In this article, you’ll learn how to protect your customers and your business from privacy invasion and data theft. You’ll learn how to use SSL technology to secure your websites…