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    How to Build a Website

    How to Build a Website Learning how to build a website is one of the most useful skills you can acquire. This is because modern sites can be used for anything from showcasing your artistic talent, providing information about your business, and even building an online store. Despite this, many either employ a professional to create their website or completely ignore the utility of being able to make their place in cyberspace. This may be due to the misconception that website construction is time and labor intensive, difficult, and requires many degrees in coding, design, and business.   Set your Mission Ready to race from the starting blocks in building…

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    Free Web Designing Tool

    Free Web Designing Tool Can there be lots of free tools to speed up / streamline your web design process? Of course, there are not new advanced technologies, such as mushrooms. Everyday web developers find something interesting and novel. But it takes time to find related content on the net. Save your time and energy for creation. Monster Post is here to quench your thirst for knowledge. The author of this blog post has already searched for 137 minutes of free web development tools and design resource enthusiast web designers and developers. I might be interested in this. I am sure that some free web design tools will really simplify…

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    WordPress Themes Free

    WordPress Themes Free Most of the topics in this list can be downloaded directly from the official repository and they all offer responsive and visually appealing designs. Although most topics are geared towards bloggers and content publishers, we have included a number of multi-purpose and business-oriented topics for those considering monetizing your blog and turning it into a full-time career. How about a free WordPress themes option? How beneficial is it to use a free WordPress theme? VW Themes is a team of WordPress experts, an expert in customizing and even developing WordPress themes from scratch. There are organizations that sell you a WordPress website and then lean on a…

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    Leave an Impression with Print Peppermint’s Fresh Designs & Premium Paper

    This article was created in partnership with Print Peppermint. Thank you for supporting the partners who make SitePoint possible. Everyone has a business card—is yours any different? Designing the ideal card for your business is a project that deserves real time and thought. For a fresh approach, consider Print Peppermint. Their in-house design services ensure your business cards will be absolutely custom and unique, and their high-end special finishes add a touch of class. They’re not the new kids on the block. Over the last seven years, they’ve produced thousands of innovative print projects, and have attracted the business of industry-leading creative companies such as Vice, Google, Geico, Wendy’s. They’ve…