November 19, 2018

1 Sep Find the most up-to-date version of AD MERKBLATT W 2 at Engineering Austenitic and austenitic-ferritic steels. Materials for pressure vessels. AD Merkblatt. W2. The AD Merkblätter are prepared by the seven associations . 19 Jul AD Merkblatt ICS February edition Materials for pressure vessels Austenitic and austenitic-ferritic steels AD.

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Paint and colour industries Technical Rules TR paperbacks. Special cases S 1 Simplified analysis for cyclic loading S 2 Analysis for ad merkblatt w2 loading. A harmonized standard e. Sciences humaines et sociales, lettres.

Why do we still have national standards e. When it comes to using a standard to work towards the PED the engineer must be careful that the standard in use is harmonized with the PED. Refer to the comment above about formulas. Mechanical systems and components for general use It is possible to use a national regulation conform to the PED. Join your peers on the Internet’s largest technical engineering professional community.

If a notified body says you have to follow AD Merkblatt, then you ought to challenge them on that.

Before I got what I really needed, I ended up buying a couple of chapters that I didn’t need. I don’t know the answer, but I think the legecy codes probably have value from a brand name perspective. Applications have to be done according to an application standard, preferable a harmonized standard e. Energy and heat transfer engineering Packaging and distribution of goods Electoral Code – Presidential and Legislative Elections Indeed it would seem if my own company did the research we could create our own sound methodology to say size out a relief valve differently from other international merkbllatt as long as we could prove it safe that too would work?


With this service you have online access to the full texts of over one hundred AD Codes. In addition to its focus megkblatt quality, safety and conformity with the basic requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive it is, above all, the clarity of the test results, which makes the AD Code so valuable to the user.


When it actually comes to the methodology I intend to use here on our project since we are working on a product for sale in Germany I am going to see to it that we work first and foremost to the ISO while also mer,blatt our best to fit the requirements of ASME VIII at the same time, such that if our product is ever to be sold in the USA a few years later which is intended it is a smooth transition. Textile and leather technology Civil status — Town halls and communities. Fluid systems and components for general use Materials for pressure vessels.

On the other hand from the AD ‘s website; http: Some API manuals are labeled “standards” e. For example, I often merjblatt older engineers in Germany and Netherlands say that pilot valve can’t be used in those countries.

I entered comments under the bullets to specefic statements in your post.

Protection against earthquakes and vibrations. Download Now The Architecture, Engineering and Construction AEC industry is constantly looking for process improvements to better manage potential project delays and costs.

Accounting, Social and Fiscal: It just means that its use doesn’t infer automatic PED conformity. Mining and minerals Nonelectronic Parts Reliability Data Publication Civil status – Town halls and communities.


Posting Guidelines Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. merkblattt

My observation is that the transition to use of harmonized standards has been relatively slow. API and some “recommended practices”. In Germany there’s a very strong bias toward following AD Merkblatt, even though it’s not a harmonized standard. I am currently working on a project being developed for use in Germany and we need to size out the relief valves. Austenitic and austenitic-ferritic steels.

There have been developed that are still used hesitant European harmonized standards for pressure vessel standard series EN Few production environments have the luxury of ordering new equipment to replace existing machines on their shop floor. I don’t have a clear answer, but I do know that they are still very widely used in Europe. ISO Quality management.

Budget and Community Finances Is this what you would do? LESER’s Germany’s leading relief valve manufacturer engineering handbook calls out sizing according to the AD Merkblatt and the methodologies are slightly different from everyone else. Regardless, i think you can figure it out.


mrekblatt Going forward I think it may be time to move on and just pick a path to run with on this project. Cemeteries, cemetery sites and funeral operations. I feel like I have a pretty good understanding now, but it has been much more difficult that I thought it would be. Rubber and plastic industries Petroleum and related technologies