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    How to Install WordPress

    What You’ll Be Creating So you want a WordPress site? That’s great. WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (or CMS), and for good reason. With WordPress, you can get yourself a flexible, scalable, and user-friendly website. The software itself is free, and all you have to pay for is the hosting you’ll put it on. But before you can start, there is one thing you’ll have to do, and that’s set up WordPress. This puts a lot of people off: they think it’s tricky, or long-winded, or requires writing code. None of these are true. You have two options for installing WordPress, both of which are designed…

  • 10 of the Best Online Tools for Content Writers
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    10 of the Best Online Tools for Content Writers

    The importance of high-quality content is finally acknowledged, which means that content writers have been under a spotlight. As a content writer, you are expected to create amazing content that is authentic, attention-grabbing, and SEO friendly. Considering all the pressure and high expectations you are facing, you should make the most out of online tools which will help you in your work. After some thorough research, I have collected these ten best Online Tools for Content Writers 1. Portent’s Content Idea Generator An attractive headline is the first step of getting the audience’s attention. Without a good headline, the readers won’t even get to the point of reading the content.…

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    10 Best Restaurant App Templates

    Whether it’s Android templates, iOS templates, or cross-platform mobile templates, you will find them all on CodeCanyon. Top-Selling Restaurant App Templates for 2020 on CodeCanyon If you are looking for inspiration or you’re building an application and need help with a particular feature, then you may find your answer in some of these templates. In this roundup, we’ll highlight the best restaurant app templates available right now at CodeCanyon so you can build your ideal restaurant app.  Best Android Restaurant App Templates CodeCanyon offers a wide range of application templates to kick-start your mobile app project. In this article, I’ll show you the top ten restaurant templates that you should consider for…

  • Why JavaScript is Eating HTML
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    Why JavaScript is Eating HTML

    Web development is always changing. One trend in particular has become very popular lately, and it fundamentally goes against the conventional wisdom about how a web page should be made. It is exciting for some but frustrating for others, and the reasons for both are difficult to explain. A web page is traditionally made up of three separate parts with separate responsibilities: HTML code defines the structure and meaning of the content on a page, CSS code defines its appearance, and JavaScript code defines its behavior. On teams with dedicated designers, HTML/CSS developers and JavaScript developers, this separation of concerns aligns nicely with job roles: Designers determine the visuals and…